Please bear with me I am just starting out with this and have a LOT everything to learn: The time now is I read other places I would need 10v to get dimming and control? If you use the reccomended pullups, one is enought. Find More Posts by JaredWaites. I will measure the voltage when it arrives but wondering if 2 amp is too much? Some of the really cheap ones can output voltages as high as 16v with little to no load.

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I also have 3x watt cree light units that I want to retrofit to controll via the profilux. I get light, but I get no control via Profilux 2ex with newest firmware and software.

Now with the 1. Do you mean well eln-60-48p dimmable a 47k resisitor is overkill as opposed to a 10k? Originally Posted by evilc This text file contains information about your preferences, such as language settings, which will be recognised by this website during your next visit.

ELN-60-48P Mean Well Constant Voltage Dimming Power Supplies

My only concern is that the 10V in the title is a model of mean well eln-60-48p dimmable sort. It stops if I mean well eln-60-48p dimmable off, else it will stay on Is this all due to 9V instead of 10V?

If you prefer wll can send us an email with your requirements by clicking here. Use of this web site is dimmaboe to the terms and conditions described in the user agreement. Originally Posted by evilc66 My concern with running a 12v supply with just resistors 2K drop resistor and a 10K pot is that not all 12v wall warts have the same output.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I read other places I would need 10v to get dimming and control? Quick question, and don’t feel obligated to answer Couldn’t have done it without your insight, wepl is very much much appreciated.

ELND – Mean Well Power Supply

However, I can’t get 2 to work. Would you mind sharing the details ; A weell would be great and also maybe a mud map of how you hooked everything up.

With a 12v power supply that usually outputs higher than that anywaygetting 1. Our highly trained, expert team offer a full range of modification services to wel of our products.

Profilux – Mean Well ELN P [Archiv] – GHL Support Forum

Analytical mean well eln-60-48p dimmable We use a web analysis program named ‘Google Analytics’, which allows us to optimise the website for your convenience based on anonymous website use data, without consulting any personally identifiable data. My guess mean well eln-60-48p dimmable that it wont care, but I wont guarantee it. View volume discount Calculate your discount for larger volumes. I’m asuming that the pull down resistor in the circuit will limit the current from impacting the LEDControl4 but want to cimmable sure.

I already have several 10V PSU’s available to me that I would nomally use for analog v control I can simply use to power the pull-up resistor circuit. You should definately do some additional research about your LED’s before mean well eln-60-48p dimmable your project. Find More Posts by JaredWaites. It’s a few simple discrete components soldered to a perforated breadboard.

I see from your edit that Stu has verified this works just fine: If you’re seeing this message, you haven’t met them yet.

Use an Y-connector if you only have two 4 L-ports. I have not experimented di,mable the Dimmable Meanwells yet. One channel of the GHL controller can handle 12mA as max. Hi, This is awesome.

Mean Well LED Driver ELN-60-48P 60W 48V

Get TWO 5k Pots. Curious if anyone has any idea if they are compatible or if I’ll need en-60-48p build another circuit to make them talk mean well eln-60-48p dimmable to each other. Firstly, should I start a new thread, I don’t want to hijack this one if not appropriate: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.